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We have a facebook group for you to chat to other members. Go to Facebook and search for "Basel Children's Trust Members Group" in the facebook search bar and click join. (Only BCT members will be approved).



Annual General Meeting

The BCT invites all our members to join us at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on  Thursday October 25th at 7:30 PM

This is the end of the year-meeting, where all events will be evaluated - and new ones will be planned. We need our members to join us at this meeting, as this is also time to say goodbye to some of our committee members and hopefully 'hello' to some new ones.

We need YOU to play an active role in the BCT, whether it be for a couple of hours at the Cupcake Festival, decorating for our Christmas Party or simply get the key to open Stücki Jungle Monday mornings. These are ALL very important aspects of volunteering, and if we want to keep the BCT alive and active, we ALL have to play a role, no matter how small.

So please find a way to join us at  Gymboree, Elisabethenanlage 7, 4051 Basel, for this 'BCT meeting of the year', thank you!





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