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Bumps & Bruises In Action


Bumps and Bruises gathered together to enjoy Under The Sea Day on 2nd of February 2017.

Children had fun making paper fish, seahorses, crabs, starfish and jelly fish. Tiny hands sticking and colouring created cute masterpieces of their own . Circle time started with a fish song and many more followed!

Children had their lunch and day concluded with little music and dance !

Bumps and Bruises celebrated Animal Day on 19th of January 2017 .

Venue was set up with few tables to conduct craft activities with animal theme . Children along with their parents enjoyed making turtle with paper cupcake cases and card papers. There was a ‘cut and stick’ activity to match the pair of animal. Circle time started with “Old McDonald” and followed with many such merry tunes ! Children had their lunch and day concluded with little music and dance !

Bumps and Bruises celebrated Halloween on the 27th of October.

The venue was decorated and music was played to get the party going. Children and parents came dressed in Halloween costumes to make the place bright. Thanks to a few enthusiastic parents for a variety of Halloween themed food and drinks that refreshed us all. Almost everyone contributed to the crafty decoration and made the event more cheerful. There was a surprise game which became a highlight and every kid waited for their turn to get the hidden gift. A Halloween Picture frame was a creative way to snap pictures, making everyone pose to capture the attires and expressions!


Bumps and Bruises celebrated Balloons Day on the 13th of October.

Balloons add colour, excitement and magic to any celebration and it certainly did on the 13th at the playgroup. Kids and parents were already getting into festive mode with the Halloween Party just around the corner.


Bumps and Bruises celebrated Black and White Day on 29th September 2016.

Children and parents came dressed in black and white. The venue was decorated with black and white, paper, animals. Participants enjoyed circle time followed by lunch. Everyone made an effort to get something black or something white in their lunch boxes. There were black and white decorated cakes and cupcakes. It was fun with all sharing the ideas and recipes. After lunch there was a small craft activity for children.


Bumps and Bruises celebrated Red Apple Day on the 8th of September. The venue was decorated with a paper apple tree, cardboard apples and balloons. Children engaged themselves in making craft apples. We enjoyed watching balloons take on the shape of apples. Everyone tasted different recipes made from apples. It was a fun-filled afternoon.


Red Apple Day Photos


Bumps and Bruises had a Dress Alike Day on the 1st September - just for Fun!


Dress Alike Day Photos

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