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Registration for the new semester is beginning. What better gift to place under your family’s tree than the chance for your child to enjoy a joyful, dancing, singing, musical time every week with the most important person in his life – YOU!










First Foods Demonstration

First Foods Demonstration @ next Bumps & Babes playgroup!
We hope you can join us for a special Bumps & Babes next week!  Betina Ricci will be leading a first foods demonstration.  This will be a fun, hands-on event!
Betina is the owner of SoProud, a Baby-Led Weaning organization.  She'll show the group how to safely prepare, cut and share fruits, veggies, meat and more with babies as they graduate to solid foods.  
Come join us for the demonstration and for connecting with other members over coffee and tea.   
Date: Tuesday, January 16
Time: 12:00PM-2:00PM
Place: Familienzentrum (FAZ), Bruderholzstrasse 78, 4053 Basel (ground floor) - strollers can come inside the meeting room, despite signage suggesting otherwise
Who: Bumps, Mums, Dads and Babes are all welcome to join!  Come connect with other Bumps & Babes members.
Optional - please bring: 
  • First foods that you'd like to practice preparing (e.g.: banana, broccoli, grapes, cherry tomatoes, orange, apple, avocado, paprika, bread) - this is a hands-on demonstration so bring foods you'd most likely share with your child
  • Snack to share with the group
  • Spare mug(s) to leave at FAZ for coffee & tea
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