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Early Years Education Booklet

The BCT Early Years Education Booklet covers everything you need to know about pre-school and kindergarten options in the Basel area: the Swiss system, English, Bilingual, Montessori and Rudolf Steiner options as well as lunchtime and after-school options.

BCT members are entitled to a booklet for free.

The table of contents from the booklet is below to give you an idea or what is in there:

  • Where to Begin
  • Swiss School System
  • French and German School Systems
  • Playgroups and Daycare Centres
  • Structured Learning Playgroups
  • Vacation activities
  • Basel Montessori Kindergartens (Swiss German and Bilingual)
  • Rudolf Steiner Kindergartens (German speaking only)
  • Private Basel Kindergartens (German speaking only)
  • Daycare / Pre-school Combined options (English and Bilingual)
  • International Curriculum schools
  • Bilingual Schools (English with German or French)
  • Extra Curricular Classes for 3-6 year olds
  • Integration Courses for Older Children (6-13 years)
  • Useful Resources
  • School visit checklist
  • Comparison Table of Full-Time Education Centres for under 6 year olds
  • Location Map of Education Centres
  • Glossary of German Terms
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