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Hospitals & Birth-Houses

BCTIn and around Basel there are number of different places to have a baby as you might expect. There are both modern high tech hospitals and homely midwife run “birth houses”. What you choose depends on a number of things, your personal wishes on what kind of birth you would like and what your insurance will cover being the two most common.


Below is a list of options in the Basel area, in our Having a Baby in Basel booklet you’ll find more information on the choice available to you. Whatever hospital or birth house you choose we recommend that you visit there to get a feel for the place before you have your baby.


Bethesda Basel Stadt
Bruderholzspital Baselland
Kantonspital Liestal Liestal (BL)

Universitatspital, Frauenklinik Basel Stadt

Geburtshaus Ambra Wittinsburg (BL)
Hebannenpraxis Rundum Laufen (BL)

Geburtshaus Tagmond Pratteln (BL)
Geburtsstätte Basel Muttenz (BL)
Ita Wegmann Klinik Arlesheim (BL)




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