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We have a facebook group for you to chat to other members. Go to Facebook and search for "Basel Children's Trust Members Group" in the facebook search bar and click join. (Only BCT members will be approved).



Committee Members

Our current committee members are:


Co-chairs Laura Holgate
  Menna Keys
Vice-Chair VACANT
Secretary Adriana Saramet
Treasurer Estelle Rappelle
Membership Vishaka Parage/Maske
  Vanessa de Barros
Moms' Night Out VACANT
Dads' Night Out VACANT
Program Coordinator Srilatha Siddharth
  Stephanie Joustra
Communications Chair Amruta
Social Media Communication Tania
Newsletter Advertising Ambre Chatain
Newsletter Editor Sabrina Schuldes
  Jo Piemonti
  Elizabeth DeGaetano
Newsletter Layout VACANT
Web Manager Carla Wyss
Antenatal & Postnatal Support Susie Atkinson
Bumbs & Babes Laura Holgate
  Jo Piemonti
Bumbs & Bruises Monday Mansura Jaigirdar
  Betina Ribeiro
  Laura Perez Garcia
  Megan Larsen
Bumbs & Bruises Thursday Vishaka Maske/Parage
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