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We have a facebook group for you to chat to other members. Go to Facebook and search for "Basel Children's Trust Members Group" in the facebook search bar and click join. (Only BCT members will be approved).




Registration for the new semester is beginning. What better gift to place under your family’s tree than the chance for your child to enjoy a joyful, dancing, singing, musical time every week with the most important person in his life – YOU!










Playgroup Coordinators

Our playgroup coordinators organise all the activities for our playgroups as well as making sure that rooms are opened up and locked up. Each group also manages an email list so that we can keep in touch with the playgroup members.


Bumps and Babes

Su Page

Laura Holgate

Bumps and Bruises 2


Mansura Jaigirdar

Laura Perez Garcia

Amor Tsamatsoulis

Bumps and Bruises


Adriana Gaftoniuc

Ansu Jacob

Clarissa Rocha 

Beyond Bruises

Susannah Neath

Position Available


Playgroup coordinators are also committee members.

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