A good year for the BCT

A good year for the BCT
Text by Morgan Hardy, BCT Co-Chair.

Dear Readers,

It’s been a good year for the BCT despite the ongoing pandemic.

Last winter, with the pandemic raging on, the BCT had to cancel most of its activities. These include regular playgroups and special events. Consequently, I (Morgan) felt sad not to regularly see familiar and friendly faces. Indeed, when I took over as a Co-Chair in January, I was fearful that the year would see us in continued isolation. Adding to my concern was a meme I saw on New Year’s eve. I saw an image of a man wearing a plaid shirt from 2020, opening a gift box that contained the same plaid shirt for 2021. I found this vision hilarious but haunting.

Against this background, I am thus thrilled that 2021 has turned out relatively well. The BCT experienced several exciting changes. It also had the opportunity to reunite and rebuild its friendships and community. These are the essential factors that make the BCT such a wonderful organisation.

Rebranding exercise

You may have noticed the adorable woodland animal graphics popping up on the BCT platforms.

This year, we undertook a massive rebranding process. We updated our looks: refreshing our logos, emails, websites, graphics and social media accounts. The BCT volunteers worked extensively. One of the significant outcomes is this new website and this blog. Amanda (my Co-Chair) and I are incredibly grateful to the dedicated and talented web design team members. They surpassed expectations and overcame challenges along the way. Thank you, Dora Czegledi-Homonnai, Krystian Niepsuj, and Stephanie Farnworth.

A good year for the BCT
Successful events

The BCT volunteers also successfully organised special events that brought the community closer. They did this despite the ever-changing circumstances, taking into account the government’s latest social distancing measures, changing weather and ongoing vaccination programmes in and around Basel. Volunteers came together to resume BCT’s regular schedule. For example, the JUKIBU readings, Nature Detective Walks, and various playgroups.

A stronger community

Notably, the BCT strengthened its volunteer community. We welcomed eighteen new regular volunteers in 2021.

A good year for the BCT

Amanda and I are grateful to all our team of volunteers for their energy and time. Also, their enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate on different projects and assist with recurring and special events and one-time needs. We are delighted that our team has built off the foundations of the previous generations of BCT volunteers. And for bringing in some fresh and exciting changes. Critically, unlike the man in the meme, the BCT found excitement and a new look in 2021.

We look forward to further growth in 2022 and hope you will continue to join us as we build our community and enjoy our time together.

Best wishes,
Morgan Hardy and Amanda Potter, BCT Co-Chairs

A good year for the BCT

Morgan Hardy, Co-Chair

A good year for the BCT

Amanda Potter, Co-Chair











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