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Holidays Around the World – BCT Year-End Party


Holidays Around the World

Text by Claire Zamarreno and Azura Rubio.

The BCT held its annual year-end party recently. “Holidays Around the World” took place at the Launch Labs in Basel Stadt. The event provided a chance for families to catch up at the start of the current festive season.

It was lovely to see various BCT members there.

The volunteers outdid themselves. There were numerous exciting booths representing nine countries. Consequently, the guests could enjoy going around the world. Especially the children who got their special passports stamped at each station.



Additionally, there were exciting craft projects to complete and varying traditions to learn.

For instance, children and grown-ups created masks to celebrate Saint Barbera from Lebanon and played Dreidel for Chanukah.

Furthermore, they arranged a Rangoli and made a diva lamp for Diwali, a festival observed annually in India.

Along with these, there were Maslentisa Scarecrows from Russia and Luminarias from New Mexico to construct.

Meanwhile, oranges sat waiting for crafters to transform them into Pomanders like in Hungary.






Afterwards, the intrepid travellers were fortunate to sample food from around the world. The items included a dessert from Puerto Rico (Tembleque).

All were welcome to try festive Swiss refreshments.


Feeling Lucky.

The BCT feels fortunate to have such a diverse group of families willing to share their traditions and customary holidays at the year-end party.

Moreover, to receive a visit from a special guest at the event.

Surprise! Santa took time out from his busy North Pole to come and hand out goodie bags to the children.

Holidays Around the World
Merci, Danke, Gracias,  Spasibo, Shukran, Dhanyavaad, Toda, and Thank You.

Thank you, Abby, Morgan, Amanda, and Su, for organising the party.

And all the fabulous volunteers who set up their unique stalls and assisted at the event.

The BCT is grateful to ELA Basel and Drei Käse Hoch for sponsoring the event. Along with Ahead With English for its continuous support.






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