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Staying Healthy In Winter – Ask the Nurse

Staying Healthy In Winter

From Our Archive: Ask The Nurse – Staying Healthy in Winter

Contributed by Alison Snow (Registered General Nurse)

One of the ways we can stay healthy during winter is by eating a diverse diet rich in fibre. We can quickly boost our fibre intake by eating beans and legumes. And vegetables and fruits like blueberries and cherries (they are low glycemic food). These items encourage the growth of different and happy gut bugs. Our brains will consequently receive signals that everything is good.

Staying healthy in winter

Staying healthy in winter

So, how much of these foods should we consume? According to research, up to thirty fruits and vegetables every month.

Keeping count with Dr Chatterjee’s help

Need some help to keep track of all the different elements?

Dr Rangan Chattterjee has resources to help us note down 0ur consumption. Check out his “Rainbow” and “Eat the alphabet” charts which are free to download. You can also find plenty of helpful health advice on


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The BCT‘s magazine previously published this article. We have edited the note for this medium.






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