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A Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

A Letter from the Editor – February 2022

Dear Readers,

I hope you had an excellent start to the month. And if you follow the lunar calendar, a wonderful celebration ushering in the year of the tiger. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Letter from the Editor

So, February would, in theory, bring us the final weeks of chilly weather.

Not a sure thing, of course, given that last February, the temperature reached 20 degrees Celcius some days – a massive contrast to February 2012’s record of -18 degrees Celcius.

Still, assuming normal conditions will prevail, this month will see some of us trying to maximise our winter joys. We are lucky to have so many places to ice skate in and around Basel. And all the different areas to experience and enjoy snow activities. Thank you, Swiss mountains.

Are you planning to celebrate Valentines Day with your partner and family?

I’m not usually big on minor holidays, but Covid 19 and past social distancing measures have made me want to embrace every joyous opportunity. To this end, I hope to ‘feel the love’ at home this year by baking heart-shaped cookies and crafting soppy cards with the children. There are also these family films to watch.

Furthermore, did you know that rituals are essential for our psychological well being? Indeed, numerous research shows that they help reduce anxiety, boost confidence and promote trust and connection.

Our blog is featuring articles that relate to “Relationships” this month.

Subsequently, we plan to include articles that touch on this topic in the coming weeks. Also, several interviews with BCT Volunteers to know more about the members of our community.

There will also be plenty of recipes and craft ideas. We are constantly looking for recommendations that will benefit our readers be it about notable material to read/listen to, places to visit, things to make, etc., so please do write to if you have something to share.

Best wishes,

Azura Rubio

Lead Editor












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Advertisement. Thank you for supporting the organisations that support the BCT.



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