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A Letter from the Co-Chair

Letter from the Co-Chair

A Letter from the Co-Chair – Amanda Potter

Hello Readers,

Let’s get to know each other!

As February’s blog focuses on relationships, it felt like a perfect time to reintroduce myself and answer the questions posed by the Editor.

I hope to get to know you all, our BCT members, soon at a playgroup or an event. I’ll be sure to say hello.


Amanda Potter



Hi Amanda. Can you tell us where you are from? And what brought you to Basel? 

I am from Massachusetts, USA, where I spent most of my life. In 2019 we (my partner, daughter and I) relocated to Basel for my partner’s new professional opportunity. My son joined our family in 2020.

Except for a few years spent in Maine and Washington, DC – this is the longest time I’ve spent far from the ocean.


Letter from the Co-Chair
Amanda and her family


What’s your favourite thing about Basel? 

One of my favourite aspects of Basel is the easy access to nature, specifically the Alschwiler Wald (Allschwil Forest).

I love running in the forest. Before moving to Basel, I had not done much trail running, and now I enjoy the quiet paths, views, and seeing colours change across the seasons.

Besides running, Alschwiler Wald has so much more to offer. For instance, there are playgrounds, forest playgroups for children, places where you can self-pick flowers and pumpkins (with washing stations) and even a restaurant.

What do you appreciate most about the BCT? 

Amanda: When my family arrived in Basel, the BCT Monday Playgroup was one of the first activities my daughter and I discovered. Within a few weeks of consistent attendance, we had made friends with new families.

This included Morgan, who I subsequently joined as a Co-Chair of the BCT in January 2021. And Beth, our former Membership Secretary. Beth is now like a relative as her family watched my daughter when my son was born.

I am reminded of the importance to keep showing up. You never know who you might meet at playgroup one week.

I still regularly attend the BCT Monday Playgroup with my son. It truly makes me look forward to Mondays.

Letter from the Co-Chair
Morgan (left), Beth (right) and Amanda
What made you volunteer with the BCT? 

Amanda: After feeling a little bit disconnected during my first year in Basel, I knew I wanted to find a community and form a support system. In Boston, where I lived for over ten years, I had strong connections and felt established socially and professionally.

My family benefited so much from our BCT membership here in Basel, so I wanted to contribute to the organisation. For example, from the BCT, I made new friends with common interests – just what  I was looking for. By attending a workshop, I made a networking link. I also learned about the mom and baby exercise classes, which became another foundation of my weekly routine.

Indeed, volunteering with the BCT has opened up many new connections and opportunities for personal growth. Additionally, I recently dusted off some professional skills to help the BCT apply for a local grant.

Sharing a common bond and experiences has made me feel more like myself, just in a new place.

Do you have any recommendations to share? 

These are some of my favourite things these days: This lentil soup, the chocolate and honey-covered almonds from Aldi, My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante (book) and Desert Island Discs (podcast).

Finally, I am on an ongoing quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. For this reason, I am going to try this recipe next.


Thank you, Amanda, for leading this organisation, with Morgan and for sharing your answers with us all.

You are welcome. I hope to see you all at a BCT Event soon. I’ll be sure to say hello.













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