Emergency Numbers – Basel

Emergency Numbers - Basel

Emergency Numbers – Basel – Ask the Nurse  

Text contributed by Alison Snow (Registered Nurse), long time supporter of the BCT

Emergency Numbers - Basel
Here is a list of important emergency numbers to keep on hand:
Consider whether your child would know what to do in times of emergencies.

Subsequently, it’s always a good idea to have a chat with your children about what they can do in an emergency, what numbers they can call and so on.

Discussion topics could, for instance, include: When to call, who to call and what to say.


When to call?

The answer may vary but can consist of instances when there’s a fire, someone is very sick or has had an accident, etc.

Emergency Numbers - Basel

Who to call?

See the extensive list above. Below are the primary emergency numbers in Switzerland:

  • Fire: 118
  • Police: 117
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Poisons emergency: 145
  • Rega – Swiss Air Rescue: 1414
  • The single European number for all emergencies: 112

Emergency Numbers - Basel

What to say?

Discuss with your child what to say, considering the possible answers to crucial questions such as:

  • What is the emergency?
  • What happened?
  • Where are you?
  • What is your address?
  • Who needs help?

Emergency Numbers - Basel


Finally, you might want to consider downloading a free app called ECHO SOS on your mobile phone that you can use in any emergency.

The app will locate you and send the appropriate emergency service.


Emergency Numbers - Basel


Editor’s note: We previously featured this article in the BCT‘s Parenting newsletter (2021) – We have edited it to meet the blog’s format.





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