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Let’s Get To Know

Let's Get To Know

Let’s Get To Know Each Other – Morgan Hardy, The BCT’s Co-Chair

As mentioned before, this month, the blog is focusing on “Relationships”. We will be featuring notes relating to this topic, including interviews with the BCT Volunteers so we can get to know each other.  

Today, we have Morgan Hardy, the BCT’s Co-Chair.

Hi Morgan. Nice to see you here.

Can you tell those of us who don’t know where you are from? And what brought you to Basel?

I am from the Southwestern USA. But I have also lived in Chile, Puerto Rico, Peru, and now, in Switzerland.

My family moved here in 2018 so that my husband could accept a position at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

Let's Get to Know

Whereabouts in Basel are you, and can you tell us a bit about your family?

We live right on the border of Binningen and Basel Stadt.

The location is fantastic; we are a mere 2-minutes walk from the Basel Zoo. We love to visit the animals as a quick afternoon activity.

My husband and I are both Americans from the Southwest desert. As a result, we both love authentic Mexican food, heat, and sunshine. We have two young kids who keep us very busy and happy.


How do you like to spend your free time?

I love summertime in Switzerland. My favourite thing to do then is to go for a hiking day trip in the mountains. I love that in Switzerland, there are so many child-friendly hikes within reach. Some of our favourite hikes include the Globi Treasure Hunt Trail in Engelberg. Also, the Stoos Panorama Walk.

Let's Get to Know



What’s your favourite thing about Switzerland?

I love how kid-friendly Swiss culture is. For example, I can’t believe how many amazing playgrounds there are in the city. And the concept of playgrounds on trains still seems like a dream to me.

Playgrounds on trains? Wow – this information may be new to some (like me).

Yes! You can check online regarding the features of the train you are interested in. The ones with a playground would list “FA” (Family Area).


Let's Get to Know

Let's Get to Know

On the BCT and Morgan
So, how did you find out about the BCT and what prompted you to volunteer?

Before moving to Switzerland, I read about the BCT online, and I was a little nervous to try it out. But I did  – I attended the Monday playgroup for the first time on August 13, 2018 -it was my birthday.

Little did I know then that the BCT Monday playgroup would eventually become my little home away from home. What a lovely gift from the universe.

A couple of factors led me to volunteer with the BCT.

First, I was looking for a way to meet new friends. I rightly assumed that volunteering would give me an avenue to connect with others.

Second, I was looking for a way to use my talents to help people. I have always been an organiser. During the first lockdown, I restructured pretty much everything in my house.

By the end of lockdown, I was looking to interact with more than the inanimate objects in my house.

Using my talents to organise events and programs for living people has undoubtedly been more fulfilling. 😉


What do you hope to achieve in your role?

When I moved to Basel, I was a new mom who had just left the workforce.

I was already navigating a lot of changes. Putting a new language and culture shock on top of everything was incredibly overwhelming. Luckily though, I could find a network to help me find myself and my way in Basel.

I hope that the BCT can be a framework for individuals to find friendship and support one another in times of change and transition.

Let's Get to Know

Making friends in Basel via the BCT

On looking back and ahead
What was the best thing that happened in 2021, and what are you looking forward to this year?

In the summer of 2021, I was able to fly home to the USA and introduce my daughter to my family in person. My daughter had already seen my family many times on Zoom calls. But the moment she realised they were actual, real, live people was priceless.

My parents and sister are coming to Switzerland this summer!

I have been looking forward to a visit from my family for a long time. But I think this is the year it’s going to happen! They had a trip to Switzerland planned for 2020, but, of course, that was not possible due to the pandemic.


Hurrah. So happy for you. Thank you, Morgan, for opening up to us. A final question – do you have anything to share with us?

My pleasure.

Last year, someone introduced a personality typing system called the Enneagram to me. Through the book “The Road Back to You” by Ian Morgan Cron. I am obsessed!

Other personality typing systems are narrow in range, but the Enneagram includes 27 different personality types. I have found it much more applicable and incredibly helpful in my relationship with others. I highly recommend it.


Editor’s note: You can find our interview with Amanda Potter, Morgan Hardy’s Co-Chair, here. 





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