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February’s Nature Detective Walk

February's Nature Detective Walk

February’s Nature Detective Walk – Organised by the BCT

Reminder – it’s this weekend.

When:  Sunday, February 20 – at 11:00.

Where: Skulpturenweg Reinach.

Meeting Place: At the entrance of the trail.

Please note:

The trail is about 15 minutes walk from the centre of Reinach (take the number 11 tram from Basel Stadt). And around ten minutes from the car park, which is just off the main road.

This outing will be fun for toddlers, kids of all ages and even adults. You will encounter delightful wooden sculptures while walking on the winding path.

You will need a sturdy buggy to navigate around.

If the weather is nice, the leader plans to set up a picnic with a fire at the barbeque area located at the end of the trail. So consider bringing some pizza dough, marshmallows or sausages to grill (with your water bottles and other usual supplies).

February's Nature Detective Walk

This event is free for all BCT members and their families. The tickets cost 5 CHF for non-member families.

Please visit the BCT Eventbrite page for more information and to register.







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