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Let’s Get To Know

Let's Get To Know

Let’s Get To Know Each Other Better. 

Today, we have Abagail Füllemann or better known as Abby.

As you may already know, Abby is the BCT‘s Special Events Coordinator and Monday Playgroup Leader.


Hi Abby, welcome. 

So, can you tell us where you are from, and what brought you here to Switzerland?

I am originally from New Zealand – born and bred there, and it never occurred to me that I would be living in Europe with my family. New Zealand is really at the bottom of the world.

My husband is Swiss, so we relocated to Switzerland after several years of living together in New Zealand. The main factor of our move was to be closer to his family for a change. It is tough when families are on very different sides of the world.

We live outside Basel in Kanton Solothurn in a small village where my husband grew up. I love it, as I am a countryside girl over the city any day. Furthermore, I can be in Baselstadt within a half hour.

Let's Get To Know

Tell us a bit about your family and how you like to spend your time.

Sure. So there is my husband, Michael, and our daughter Freya arrived in mid-2020 and me. And if I’m able to twist Michaels’s arm finally – a puppy I always talk about.

I am an avid horse rider, equestrian would be my dream job any time of the week, but that is currently on pause. Our family loves the outdoors, a major factor in New Zealand and Switzerland.

Let's Get to Know

Abby and her family

How did you find out about the BCT? 

I found out about the BCT at my local post shop, where I happened to meet a fellow Kiwi three weeks into our move. She was a past member of BCT and has become part of my slice of New Zealand in Switzerland.

What made you join and volunteer with the organisation?

I joined the BCT officially in May 2021, not long before I took on my playgroup role but was involved in the Bumps and Babes Playgroup prior.

My daughter was born in the middle of the pandemic and only after six months into living in a new country. My connection with other mums in the Bumps and Babes Playgroup really helped me settle into Switzerland. For this reason, I thoroughly recommend BCT to many mums as it really has been an outlet and place of connection for me


I love what the BCT offers, and having volunteered in similar organisations back in New Zealand, I know how important volunteers are to make things run and wanted to share my abilities with other parents and families.

I hope to continue facilitating meeting points for the families and friends of the BCT and provide a fun and social atmosphere so families feel that they are part of the BCT extended family.

What’s the best thing that happened in 2021 and what are you looking forward to this year?

My father and his wife, based in Canada, could finally meet their granddaughter.

These are on the top of my 2022 list:
– All fingers and toes crossed that we get to New Zealand and finally get Freya to meet my family and friends.
– Creating some great family events.
– Continuing to meet the amazing BCT families.


Thank you Abby for agreeing to be interviewed. I hope you get to tick off your 2022 list, and I look forward to meeting you in person. 



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Amanda and family

Let's Get to Know

Morgan and family





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