A Letter from the Editor

From the Editor – March 2022

Dear Readers,

Spring has finally arrived.

At least, in terms of the meteorological spring, that officially begins on 1st March.

This new season has come at a rather cheerful time here in Basel.Ít’s Fasnachts und Sportferien (26th February until 12th March) for those with kindergarten or school-going children. Also, we are currently experiencing sunny weather and longer daylight hours.

Best of all, the lifting of most measures relating to the coronavirus pandemic has made life feel almost back to normal. Young children no longer need to wear masks in public schools, and we can now socialise more freely.

From the Editor


Consequently, it seems like a good time to consider “New Beginnings” on this blog.

While continuing with our “Let’s Get to Know Each Other” series, which we initiated in February.

By learning more about the BCT volunteers, we hope to foster better connections. Especially with the people lending their time, energy, and effort to help our community grow and prosper.

From the Editor

Like before, we will persist in providing practical recommendations.

They might relate to podcasts, books, recipes, crafts or venues to check out.

We welcome all your ideas, so please email us (at newsletter.bct@gmail.com) if you want to share your nuggets with the BCT community.

From the Editor

Unfortunately, things are not as optimistic elsewhere.

The people in Ukraine are presently suffering from the senseless attack that began a few days ago.

In case you feel like helping but don’t know where to start, Global Citizen, a movement of engaged citizens, has compiled a helpful list of associations that we can assist from afar. Their website also offers suggestions about specific actions we can take to lend support to the people of Ukraine. American journalist and author, Katie Couric also has a list of how we can help.

From the Editor

Until next month – may you stay healthy and well.

Best wishes,

Azura Rubio

Lead Editor


A note about  Fasnacht Carnivalfor those who are new to Basel.

Many locals consider these three days of carnival as the year’s highlight. The event was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 but is now back on (though not in its entirety).

This year, the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage item’s celebration will commence at 4 am on 7th March with Morgenstreich

Witnessing this early morning procession requires some sleep deprivation; however, it is rewarding for most including foreigners like me. I found the adventure of standing in the dark streets and observing the procession magical. Seeing the people bearing lanterns and hearing the sounds from their piccolos and drums felt surreal. Something to experience as part of living in Basel if you haven’t already.



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