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A Letter from the Co-Chair

From the Co-Chair – Morgan Hardy

Dear Readers,

Happy Fasnacht! Many dispute the origins of why we celebrate Fasnacht. One of the possible reasons is to mark the end of winter. If so, what a grandiose way to end one season and welcome the next. This year, it feels particularly poignant as both Fasnacht and the arrival of Spring follow closely the lifting of almost all Corona restrictions in Switzerland.

Indeed, it does feel that we are entering an almost new life.

Fittingly, this month’s theme on the BCT Blog is about “New Beginnings”.

Whether you celebrate the beginning of Spring, the end of the corona restrictions, or the start of a new calendar or lunar year, I hope you will enjoy coming reading this month’s blog posts.

From the Co-Chair


While we are on the topic of Spring and new beginnings, please also mark your calendars for the BCT Easter Egg Hunt. It will be held on April 2nd. The occasion will present a perfect opportunity for BCT members to come together and celebrate the start of a new season. More information will be available soon. (We are on Instagram, Facebook and Eventbrite).

From the Co-Chair

In March, you can also look forward to an excellent online workshop. This time, it will be about the process of transitioning into motherhood. The BCT will also host an adventurous Nature Detective Walk and a crowd-pleasing JUKIBU reading.

I look forward to another fun month together!




From the Co-Chair


Editor’s note: You can find a “Let’s Get to Know Each Other” interview with Morgan here.



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Advertisement. Thank you for supporting the organisations that support the BCT.

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