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Check Out: Basel Life

Check Out: Basel Life online

Text by Azura Rubio

Pre-Covid, you could pick up a printed copy of “Basel Life Magazine” from a bookstore in Basel.

The monthly publication contained information about Basel and Switzerland. There were also helpful explanations about the Swiss culture and traditions, history and more.

I felt grateful the first time I found the English speaking magazine.

I hadn’t started my German classes and was not yet a part of any community (not even the BCT). So, I relied on the periodical for local information. There were plenty available -especially regarding notable events. The magazine helped me to quickly reacquaint myself with Basel; I received many practical tips about living here.

Sadly, the publication ceased during the pandemic.

But good news folks. Basel Life is back.
Check Out: Basel Life

And it is more accessible now because it’s online.

The new platform offers all the information Basel Life Magazine provided before. But more interactively.

For instance, there are the Calendar pages that are particularly helpful.

Firstly, the listing is extensive and up to date. And secondly, users can also use the filter to find any event according to categories, like “Sports” or “Entertainment” or “Fun Outing”, etc.

You won’t need to register or subscribe to access the information.

That’s because Basel Life is entirely free and anonymous to use.



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