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Listen to this podcast

Listen to this Podcast – A Recommendation.

Text by Azura Rubio

Dear BCT members, relating to this month’s theme of “New Beginnings“, here is a recommendation for you –

Listen to this podcast

“A Slight Change of Plans”.

This is a podcast that touches on human behaviour. More specifically, it is about people who navigated significant unexpected changes in their lives by adopting specific strategies. And in the process, they grew and managed to attain a certain degree of fulfilment from their lives.

Dr Maya Shankar, a cognitive scientist, is the podcast’s creator, executive producer and host.

She interviews a cross-section of people – some of whom are famous. The guests share their personal stories like the circumstances that led to the change and subsequent struggles, acceptances and adjustments.

Dr Maya exudes compassion, intelligence, and humour as a conversationalist. Her guests subsequently seem to feel comfortable enough to divulge intimate details. About their experiences, thought processes, feelings and more.

The podcast’s visitors are not only those who experienced and overcame the challenges. They also extend to others studying the human mind and behaviour. Consequently, the podcast also presents numerous relatable references and discussions about cognitive science.

Apple named the podcast its best show in 2021.

Dr Maya explains that she launched the podcast in 2021 because it felt like an appropriate time for us all to hear uplifting stories.

For inspiration especially. So that we can listen and learn from those who overcame difficulties and thus have a chance to feel more fulfilled despite experiencing significant and unexpected changes, more so since we were at the time collectively experiencing the pandemic and its repercussions (listen here).

She also shares that she is not a stranger to life-changing events. For instance, she pivoted to become a scientist after suffering a debilitating hand injury. She had been an award-winning violinist and trained under Itzhak Perlman at Julliard School. Her injury led her to give up her dreams of being a concert violinist.

I hope you will enjoy listening to this podcast.

Human beings can be resilient, and hearing the diverse tales provides so much encouragement. To think that certain people on the podcast did not only survive but also prospered and continue to march along and help others, despite encountering tragic events and suffering.

I found the following stories exceptionally inspiring.

And this episode is enlightening.

I’ve recommended these episodes to friends, family members and anyone listening. So far, I’ve received positive feedback (and reports about following the podcasts).

I hope you, too, will feel the same way.



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