From the Co-Chair

From the Co-Chair

Dear Readers, 


Hello April! 

So already, a new season is keeping us on our toes. Had you nearly put the winter jackets away? Or, like me, are you hoping a growing toddler can squeeze into their snowsuit for one more weekend? In addition to trading the down-filled jackets for fleece and snow boots for sneakers, families are also transitioning into spring walks and hikes – which may involve flower fields. And soon enough, possibly berry picking and lake swimming too.

Siblings and friends for life.

This change of seasons is particularly vivid for our family. In April, two years ago, we welcomed our second child. And siblings became a part of our family.

An essential part of being siblings is that they are friends for life. Which, for us, reinforced how much friends are also like family.

While my children will experience a brother/sister relationship, I know many of their friends will also be like brothers or sisters. Shared experiences, unwavering loyalty and the ability to easily be understood by each other will foster a close bond for siblings and friends alike. 

Making connections via the BCT.

As the BCT children cover a range of ages, there are ample opportunities for children to connect with peers. Additionally, they can learn from an older friend and help support a younger companion.

Being a part of a community is one of the things I appreciate most about the BCT.

I hope through the BCT; you will receive considerable opportunities to create some of those close relationships and memories of siblings and good buddies. Indeed, this month, we have several gatherings planned.

You can join us at a playgroup, a  Nature Detectives Walk, or a JUKIBU Reading. Ideally, these shared moments can assist families in finding their friends and even friends to find their families.