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The BCT Easter Event

The BCT Easter Event (Part 1 of 2). 

Text by Abby Füllemann on behalf of the BCT Special Event Team.

On Sunday, 3rd April, the BCT‘s annual Easter Egg Hunt returned.

The event occurred after two years of absence due to Covid-19. While initially planned to run on Saturday, the 2nd of April, the late arrival of winter weather saw it moved to the scheduled “Plan B” date. Families were not put off by the cold, and those that came pulled out their winter wardrobes to brave the sudden temperature drop. Familiar and new faces celebrated the arrival of spring and Easter together.

There were so many fun activities.

The children created bunny ears and decorated easter bags. They also tested their skills at pinning the tail on the bunny while being blindfolded. Some were very talented; the reward of something sweet saw many trying multiple times.

The Easter Bunny appeared when the egg hunt was about to kick off, hopping around. The children followed close at its heels. It was a sight, especially with the little ones wearing their bunny ear creations.

The volunteers laid out the eggs, and the hunt began. Bags and baskets prepared, the children quickly searched for as many eggs as possible. It only took minutes before their baskets and bags were packed and bursting with colourful eggs.

Afterwards, the attendees got to try their hand at a couple of family games.

Parents and children all participated. We saw them racing the Easter Bunny in the egg and spoon race, valiantly trying not to drop the eggs on the ground and persevering not to fall over in the three-legged race.

All in all, it was a fun event to mark the upcoming Easter Holiday.

There was a mix of old and new faces coming together to enjoy the Sunday morning together. It was fun to see the children gleefully crack open the eggs searching for the little goodies. And so lovely to welcome so many families too.

Thank you, volunteers, sponsors and families.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who helped run this successful event. From creating crafts to laying out eggs and everything in between, your help was essential, and the BCT appreciates your support.

We also want to acknowledge the help we received from our valued sponsors.  They include Anastasia Tarantina Photography, Sunshine Little Learners, Zümbini with Trixie, and Ahead with English.

We look forward to next year’s Easter Egg Hunt and hope to see many families again at our future BCT events.


Editor’s note: We will be posting photos from the event soon. Come back here if you would like to see them.


We are grateful to the following sponsors:


The BCT Easter Event The BCT Easter Event The BCT Easter Event








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