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From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor – May 2022

Dear BCT members,

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow in Switzerland and fifty other countries.

I trust the lovely BCT mothers will get to lie in and accumulate extra zeds. And then get utterly spoiled by their respective families.

From the Editor


The BCT Blog’s theme for May is “Mum’s Life”.

A doting mother’s life is preoccupied with the wee-beings who depend on her.

And I’ve realised through my friends and my experience that the shift happens gradually. So the actual starting point occurs during pregnancy – thanks to the interrupted sleep and gamuts of emotions. By the time the baby is a few months old, the tired mum would have noticed several things (notwithstanding the incredible blessing she received and the support she has).

Firstly, the time she once had for herself is now much more limited.

And secondly, she can no longer assume her identity of being ‘free’.

From the Editor

Nothing stays the same in life.

Children stop needing milk every few hours and grow out of their diapers. Some demands fade away. Indeed, I remember celebrating joining the ranks of those who can enjoy a meal peacefully. Or have uninterrupted conversations (primarily).

No rest for the wicked, though.

A mum’s life keeps going. Indeed, my current “mum’s life” involves lots of communication, reflections and hugs. And sometimes nagging and self-doubts.

For instance, my kindergartener doesn’t need encouragement to dress these days. However, she benefits from explanations regarding her weekly schedule. And my husband and I are currently plotting means and ways in which we can better entice our self-sufficient tween and teenager to discover the joys of screen-free activities. We are also trying to find ways to regulate our emotions. Everything is a work in progress.

We are not alone, I know.

Hence there is plenty of material to discover for a mum’s (and dad’s) life.

We will feature articles and recommendations about this topic here in the coming weeks.

From the Editor

I hope you will enjoy reading the postings here.

Please get in touch if you feel like sharing your thoughts or engaging in this theme.


Best wishes,

Azura Rubio

Lead Editor

* I won’t be as I’ll be on the plane making my way back to Basel from Asia. Hurrah for the easing restrictions and reconnecting with family members, which explains the different schedules of postings this week and last.