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From the Co-Chair

From the Co-Chair – May 2022

Dear Readers, 

We are dedicating this month’s blog to “Mum’s Life”.

Whether you work or stay at home, have relatives nearby or far away, have a large family or small, motherhood looks different for everyone, but it is always an enormous responsibility and a lot to juggle. No matter how the circumstances, we all need a little support.

I (Morgan) once attended a workshop led by BCT partner Dina Pitaki about early motherhood.  One of the topics she focused on was learning the skill to ask for help and to seek out people and systems that can support you. I hope that the BCT can offer you such support. For instance, by its activities or with a friend you met through a neighbourhood group. Or even advice gained from a parenting workshop.

The BCT has a lot on offer in May.

There is an online workshop, a Parent’s Night Out, two hikes, and a JUKIBU reading. Whatever the interests of you and your family, we have you covered.

Also, please join us for the much anticipated 30th anniversary of the BCT on June 18th.

Additionally, we will also host a BCT Fleamarket in June, so start taking a mental inventory of the children’s items you have or need. Whether you need to buy or sell, please mark June 25th in your calendar.

We hope to see you at one or all of the events. All the occasions are open to members and non-members. You can see our Eventbrite page for more details.

Happy reading!

All the best,


From the Co-Chair


Editor’s note: You can find a “Let’s Get to Know Each Other” interview with Morgan here.





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