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Recommendation – Motherhood on IG

Recommendation - Motherhood on IG

Recommendation – Motherhood on IG

See these humourists’ observations regarding motherhood. 

Text by Azura Rubio


Check out these delightful Instagram accounts. They are related to this month’s “Mum’s Life” theme.

Both contain witty observations about motherhood. Their illustrations often remind me that:

Mothers seem to share common issues even though we live in different places and come from distinct cultures or backgrounds.

Some of our ordinary mum experiences are ironic and hilarious — especially when considered afterwards and from a distance.


These two artists have managed to capture our funny and ridiculous encounters via their colourful drawings.

coupdegracefarris is one account.

Recommendation - Motherhood on IG

Grace Ferris is a medical doctor, mother and illustrator. She lives in Texas, USA.

Besides Instagram, you can find her graphics on Cup of Jo. And in the New Yorker.

Grace Ferris has a new book out called Mom Milestones.


Recommendation - Motherhood on IG


momlife_comics is the other one.

Recommendation - Motherhood on IG

Mary Catherine wears many hats. She is a design studio owner, a yoga teacher and an artist. On top of that, Mary Catherine is also a consultantblogger, former podcaster, and mother. She lives in Massachusetts, USA.

You can learn more about her by visiting her website.

Several of her comics have gone viral. Indeed, Huffington Post has a piece about one of her posts. It is related to how society views the work performed by Mums vs Dads. See here for more.

Recommendation - Motherhood on IG


Do you have any favourite social media accounts?

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Recommendation - Motherhood on IG