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Goodbye May

Goodbye May

Goodbye May

Dear Readers,
We hope you had a lovely May.

As we suspected and confirmed by this report, May was a scorching month here in Basel.

Indeed, the temperatures averaged about two to four degrees higher than in the past years.

Goodbye May


The BCT Blog’s theme for May was “Mum’s Life“.

Subsequently, we featured articles about:

Lessons Learnt From Eating Out as a Family by Daniela Sustac;

Childhood Vaccines in Switzerland by Alison Snow, Registered Nurse;

Singing and Postnatal Depression by Susie Atkinson;

Parenting (and its demands) by Jeanne Darling;


Motherhood and Mixed Feelings by Menna Keyes.

Goodbye May


Besides these, we also presented several recommendations that relate to:

Amusing Instagram accounts that post observations about the trials and tribulations of being a mother.

Numerous family-friendly German Classes in Basel that the BCT community favoured.


We hope you enjoyed reading the various pieces.

The BCT is hugely grateful to all its supporters.

Here’s wishing us all a good start to June.





Goodbye May

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