From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor  – June 2022

Dear Readers,

Life seems almost back to normal now.

For one, unlike in 2020 and 2021, my children can enjoy their school Spring events again.

Based in Baselland, the youngsters have participated in inter-school sports competitions, group outings to the woods and the local swimming pool. Even the primary school’s annual party returned two weeks ago. The nine-year-old sold drinks with his classmates while his sibling played games and stuffed sweets in her pockets. Parents mingled freely.

We enjoy these mostly sunny, non-social distancing days, and I’m knocking on wood so that such conditions prevail.

From the Editor

The summer holidays are approaching.

We have only a few more weeks of school left, with two significant events remaining as “upcoming”  in our family calendar. After that, we have six weeks of holiday. Without regular classes, music lessons, sports and martial arts, our kids will face a lot of unstructured hours.

I admit – I’m not entirely comfortable with this prospect. Yet, I also realise that children (and adults) need and benefit from having free blocks of time to play.

June’s theme on the blog is “Children and Play”.

Accordingly, I intend to share articles that expand on “play” (besides running our regular series like “Getting to Know”,  “Recommendations“, etc.). Indeed, experts have noted that play is instrumental in child development. The activity promotes physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth.

Consequently, more societies are recognising that children can learn better through play. And urging education systems aimed at younger children to reflect, advocate, and incorporate “play”. There is also the United Nations (UN) Convention – Article 31 that recognises a child has the right to rest and play.

I hope you will glean some new ideas reading the posts.

Happy playing.


Best wishes,

Azura Rubio

Lead Editor




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