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Let’s Get To Know

Let's Get To Know

Let’s Get To Know Each Other Better. 

Today, we have Daniela Sustac-Roman.

Daniela is the BCT‘s Coordinator for the Friday Playgroup and the Kleinbasel/Riehen Neighbourhood.

Let’s Get To Know

Hi Daniela, welcome. 

Can you tell us where you are from and what brought you here?

I was born in a small town on the east side of Romania. When I was 16 years old, my family immigrated to Canada. I lived in Toronto for six years. I then moved to Montreal, a vibrant city on the French side of Canada, where I did my PhD for five years. Afterwards, I pursued a postdoctoral degree at the university in Munich.

I came to Basel six years ago to pursue a job opportunity. After a bit of a long-distance marriage, my husband also moved here. We live in Kleinhüningen, very close to the Stücki mall. It’s a family-friendly neighbourhood; we are lucky to have a Kita (Kindertagesheim/Childcare) downstairs.

Photo by Caroline Hancox Photography


Tell us a bit about your family and your hobbies. 

We became three in September 2019. My daughter is an energetic toddler growing up in a German-English household. I guess that once she starts school, she will be the one helping me improve my German.

Wait. Whaat? You can have hobbies after having kids?

Err, most of our weekends are spent chasing and entertaining our toddler. I recently got into doing jigsaw puzzles. I like the way this activity keeps me focused on the task at hand and away from staring at my telephone. Oh, and I like doing the Wordle, a daily word game.

Despite living in Switzerland for several years, I’m still not too fond of skiing. Don’t expect to see me out too much during winter. I’ll be hibernating in my warm apartment watching a rom-com on Netflix or a figure skating competition.


Lets Get to Know
Photo by Caroline Hancox Photography
What’s your favourite thing about Basel?

Public transport is better than in Canada. Well, the distances are shorter here. It’s straightforward to survive without a car in Basel.

Also, I like that the city is very international. At the same time, you have traditions you will not find anywhere else in the rest of Switzerland or the world. For example, Fasnacht or Vogel Gryff.


How did you find out about the BCT, and what made you join the BCT?

I think I just googled it.

My first meet up was at the BCT’s Bumps and Babes Playgroup. This was when the little one was only six weeks old. I didn’t have other friends with kids, so it was nice to interact with other first time mums.

Friday is my day off, and I wanted to do something fun with my daughter regularly, like a class or a playgroup. So it made sense to become a volunteer for the Friday playgroup.

Besides this, I am also getting involved in the Neighbourhood groups to promote more activities during the weekend for the working parents.

Some of the other BCT members and kids may know me as this year’s Easter bunny 🙂

Let’s Get To Know

What are you looking forward to this year?

I am keen to finally visit Canada and my parents with the toddler. But I am not excited about the plane ride or jet lag with her.

Otherwise, I am excited about all the cool events the BCT have lined up for the rest of the year, especially the Halloween party! Cause dressing up is fun.

Do you have anything to recommend or share with us?

How about a book I don’t recommend?

One very late evening, as I was getting to my wit’s end with toddler antics and her extremely late bedtime, I just wanted to read something funny. So I downloaded Bummi Laditan’s “Toddlers are a$$holes” book on my kindle. Sure, it was funny for the first ten pages, then it just got pitiful. My toddler is not a goblin who wants my soul; she is a wonderful young lady who will stay asleep the whole night once she is asleep at 11 pm. And the author’s “green smoothie” recipe consisting of vodka and mint chip ice cream, may I say, that was the worst smoothie I’ve ever drank in my life!

Now I’m reading Janet Lansbury’s “No Bad Kids“, a more helpful book for understanding your toddler’s behaviour. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any alcohol involved; that’s a relief.


Thank you, Daniela, for agreeing to be interviewed. I hope you and your family will visit your family in Canada soon.











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Advertisement. Thank you for supporting the organisations that support the BCT.