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An Easy Snack to Prep

An Easy Snack

An Easy Snack to Prep

By Azura Rubio

A friend mentioned to me that she often serves fruits on bamboo skewers. This concept of using sticks for uncooked food was new to me. Until then, I had only ever used them for vegetables or my “sometimes-a-hit-sometimes-a-miss-with-the-kids” chicken teriyaki.

Since our conversation, I’ve extended my repertoire to put various food items on sticks. I agree with my friend that this is an easy and attractive way to present and consume fruits. And numerous proteins and vegetables or a mix of both.

Food on sticks travels well in a container packed in a cooler bag and is convenient to eat during summer outings.

Below are several suggestions. To accompany the offerings, you can pack a separate tub containing salad dressing or dips like hummus*.



Proteins might include hard-boiled eggs – cut into halves, an assortment of cold cuts – cut into little squares, cheeses – cubed, and pieces of roast chicken/meat.



Popular choices: cucumber – cubed, lettuce leaves – folded, cherry tomatoes, etc.


Seasonal fruits like peaches, watermelon, kiwi, berries, olives, etc.


Consider adding in croutons, or small pieces of soft bread-cubed

PS: * Regarding hummus – our fussy family members that like hummus concur that Denner’s Signor Cempo Hummus tastes better than all the others we have tried in Switzerland.






An Easy Snack
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]An Easy Snack