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Ask The Nurse

Ask the Nurse

Ask the Nurse – First Aid Tip from Alison Snow RN

Severe Bleeding in Babies and Small Children

Ask the Nurse

Babies and children don’t have a large blood volume in their bodies, so even losing the equivalent of a small cup of blood could be extremely serious.

If your child appears to be bleeding, lie them down.

This action helps to manage shock and prevent them from feeling dizzy and faint. Then, examine the area to see if there is anything stuck in the wound – if there is, do not remove it. Instead, you can elevate the bleeding area above the heart level to slow the bleeding.

Apply direct pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.

If an object is in the injury, apply pressure on the side rather than directly onto it.

Keep your child warm and get emergency help.

Ask the Nurse

Don’t give your child anything to eat or drink. If they are pale, cold, clammy and showing signs of shock, or if there is a lot of blood loss– help your child’s circulation by raising their legs.

Try to keep calm until help arrives.


Editor’s note:

Reminder: Alison Snow previously wrote a helpful note about Basel’s emergency numbers. You can find it here.

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