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From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor – November 2022

Dear BCT Community,
November is here, and with it, the much anticipated traditional Basel Autumn Fair.

Have you been to the Herbstmesse yet? And are you a regular fair attendee?

If the answer is yes – don’t you think it is terrific that fairgoers this year don’t have to flash certificates to enter the area?

Furthermore, did you sense that the usual joyous atmosphere of the Herbstmesse has returned? My family and I certainly did, and we are grateful for that.

From the Editor

Cooler mornings and darker evenings are back.

Last week, the first-year children at my daughter’s school received their customary safety fluorescent vests or “Leuchtwesten” to be worn during dark moments on their “Schulweg”.

Additionally, the annual turnip lantern festival (Räbechilbi – a parade involving younger children, kindergarteners and their teachers) will take place soon.

Also, as is the norm this time of the year, evenings at home are becoming cosier. And, there are fewer adult-children discussions about whether we all need to don our jackets when outside.

Winter is coming.

From the Editor

The BCT Blog hopes to share some material on “traditions” this month.

Alongside this, we also have several recommendations to present relating to books, places and a recap of the BCT’s sold-out Halloween Party.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles.

From the Editor



All the best,

Azura Rubio

Lead Editor








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