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Musical Traditions

Musical Traditions

Musical Traditions Bring Life-Long Benefits

Text by Kindermusik, a proud supporter of the BCT

Musical Traditions

At this time of the year, it is easy to remember significant traditional events. Yet daily or weekly traditions can also be meaningful and memorable, especially for young children. In Kindermusik, we provide class traditions to create structure and familiarity.

For instance, while we sing new songs or dances over the weeks we always start with the same “Hello” song. We do this to provide consistent touch-point activities throughout each course though they may exist in different forms depending on the class age.

Singing “Hello”.

The children recognise the song’s clear start and often ready themselves to focus on the session. Indeed, they anticipate hearing their name and the accompanying movements. The children learn about sequencing and concentration. These skills are invaluable in many aspects of growth.

Little ones, even three-month-old babies, can remember and expect to hear their names in the song. They orientate themselves via the song just as much as the eager crawlers, bouncy toddlers or energetic pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.

Transitioning to a new “Hello” song.

The children notice their new status and group whenever we introduce a new “Hello” song. In Kindermusik, children can move to a different category as they age. The classes include Village (0-18 months), Our Time (18 months – 3.5 years), Imagine That (3.5-5 years) and Kindermusik for the Young Child  (5 years plus).

In the case of a current group of Kindermusik for the Young Child, there is even some nostalgia when the participants hear a song from their babyhood. They sing along as though decades have passed rather than just a few years.

Musical Traditions

Musical Traditions can help with structures.

Aside from helping babies and children to feel comfortable, musical traditions can also assist in navigating structures. For example, the infamous “Clean Up” song has been loved and sung in Kindermusik classes and houses around Basel for more than 20 years now.

The tune is a cue for everyone to help put away the used instruments, hoops, scarves, books, and other objects.

Anyone who has seen the song in action will know how effective it is. And how quickly a new participant can learn from others. A child will inevitably start singing when anyone starts to tidy up.

The day-to-day or week-to-week traditions are essential for little ones navigating the world.

Music, songs and dances are a fantastic way to do this.


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Advertisement. Thank you for supporting the organisations that support the BCT.


Advertisement. Thank you for supporting the organisations that support the BCT.