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BCT’s International Party 2022

BCT's International Party 2022

BCT’s International Party 2022 – A Recap

Text by Liliana Downs

Editor’s note: We edited the text to follow the Blog’s format. 

BCT's International Party 2022


BCT’s International Party 2022 – A Recap

The BCT hosted its annual end-of-the-year party on the 3rd of December, 2022. The event occurred at the Eltern Centrum Hirzbrunnen (ELCH) and introduced children to different festive traditions.

Welcome, welcome.

Upon arrival, each child received a sticker collection sheet. And some instructions: they would receive a sticker for each completed activity. Corresponding with this, a map showed the locations of the different nations that stood in the centre’s multiple rooms. They all offered entertainment and opportunities for crafting.

The checkpoints included the North Pole, the United Kingdom, India, the USA, the Czech Republic and Mexico. Also, there were plenty of refreshments to refuel.

The United Kingdom

Celebrated on the 5th of  November, “Bonfire Night” typically involves bonfires and fireworks. Thus, the children eagerly crafted this theme. There was also a separate table to make Christmas crackers.


Young ones decorated paper cups using diverse colours, textures and stickers. Imaginations went wild.


The Thanksgiving Paper Turkey encouraged older kids to express themselves for things they were grateful for. Whilst some were thankful for school and parents, others appreciated television and snacks (we cannot argue with the latter).

The children could also design paper-bag lanterns using mini punches.

The Czech Republic

According to tradition, families would float a walnut shell containing a small candle for each member on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Consequently, the stand invited children to construct floating candles. They were all successful – even the younger ones, within a short period.


The kids eagerly made paper piñatas; this activity was popular with all ages.

Surprise Visitor

Families submitted their sticker filed sheets once they had finished their activities. And shortly after, Kindermusik drew in children with their songs and musical instruments. Seeing the children clapping, jumping and stomping their feet was terrific.

Then, a surprise visitor appeared.



The older children were happy to queue. Indeed, they went on to share their wishes with Santa and received a little bag in return. Several younger ones summoned the courage to approach Santa and received age-appropriate goodie bags.

There were also presents for two families. They were lucky – winning the prizes from a raffle drawn from the collected completed sticker sheets.

The BCT is grateful to its valuable supporters, business partners and volunteers for making the event a success.

Here are a few photos from the event.









Advert. Thank you for supporting the organisations that support the BCT.


Advertisement. Thank you for supporting the organisations that support the BCT.