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The BCT Summer Picnic 2023

Summer Picnic 2023
Text by Jo Ong-Clement

The highly-anticipated annual BCT Summer Picnic kicked off at the Schützenmatt Park on Saturday, 17th June. On such a beautiful sunny morning, who wouldn’t fancy a picnic with friends?

Arriving at the park, a huge bouncy castle next to the blue registration tent easily caught our eye. Little families streamed in to set up their picnic mats in the breezy shaded area, and excited children dived straight into the fun activities in store for them.
photo of bouncy castle at summer picnic
Apart from the bouncy castle, there were various activity areas. The craft table encouraged children to make rainbows out of craft paper and create DIY body tattoos. The play area featured a jumbo-sized Connect Four rack game, and water play with sponges (perfect in the sweltering heat!), among many others.
Sing and dance!
The most well-received programme was the Kindermusik demo led by Susie Atkinson. The children were enthralled by the singing and dancing, with musical instruments and without. The highlight was certainly the colourful soaring parachute, thanks to everyone’s joint effort!
Hop hop hop!
Next up was the family games which included the popular outdoor game – the sack race. Hoppity hop! We first cheered the Dads, followed by the tots on, as they hopped with both their legs inside the sacks towards the finishing line.
The picnic was wrapped up with the children receiving balloons and indulging in ice lollies. Seeing the children’s little feet running around on the damp green grass, the sweaty heads under their caps, and the wide grins on their faces, we were sure everyone (parents included!) had a great time at the BCT Summer Picnic. We were grateful for the amazing weather, our generous sponsors and volunteers, and the active participation of 121 families. Till next year!
Thank you for making it possible!
We appreciate the support of our sponors and volunteers for making the event possible:
TechLabs: Offers workshops, classes, camps and events to deliver a fun, engaging, and educational experience that jump-starts young people’s and adults‘ understanding of technology
Open Door Basel: Is an early English literacy and play center offering daily reading, writing classes and morning playgroups for English speaking families in the Basel area.
Drew Singeisen Counseling: A Basel based licensed clinical social worker, provides English speaking counseling for expats living in Europe.
Ahead With English : Offers a nurturing pre school and after school English classes from Kindergarten through teenagers
Kindermusik Basel @kindermusik_basel : Paves the way for a musical journey with developmentally appropriate music and movement classes from babies to age 7.
Kudos to the team for the awesome event. We had so much fun and already looking forward to the upcoming ones! Have a great summer!